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Nice to hear a bit of good news right? Well here it is.

After some turmoil and uncertainty surrounding deliveries, we can happily confirm that all parcels, before and during worldwide lock-downs, are now duly arriving.

That means airmail is once again operational for those countries that do not allow courier deliveries within their borders...and the majority of airmail parcels that were unfortunately delayed, have and are arriving with customers now.

We have also decided to extend the Free Courier option, to all qualifying customers (country dependent) until we have confirmation that Airmail is running smoothly again.

Times have been tough of late, and we wish to thank all our loyal customers for their ongoing support and wish you and all your loved ones health and safety.

Please see Terms and conditions for further information.

Syndol Pain Relief Tablets

We stock the original Syndols (containing doxylamine) from South Africa. We sell our Syndol online in the uk along with many other products.
Our Syndols come in the following; Syndol 100s | Syndol 200s | Syndol 400s, just click the link to order your Syndols.

23 November 2018: Black Friday

Don’t miss out. For 24hrs only, all products on the site will be 10% off!
From Midnight on Thursday the 22rd until Midnight on Friday the 23rd.

30 July 2018: Syndol Courier Special!

Order Syndol and get your parcel delivered in 2-5 working days by DHL courier at NO extra charge!
Don't waste this opportunity to stock up, remember to choose courier at the shipping page to qualify for free shipping.

*Please note this is exclusively for Syndol orders

1 October 2017: Massive October Sale on Syndol | 18% Off!

After a successful transition to the new pack sizes, and to Thank all our loyal customers for their patience during the process, we are now offering *Syndol at a special discounted price of £39.95.

Sale runs right up until the end of October. Don't waste this opportunity to stock up!
*See discounted prices for Syndol 200 and Syndol 400

19 Aug 2017: Spasmend Now Available!

You asked we provided...The original dual action Spasmend from Adcock Ingram.
Spasmend Tablets are used for joint pain, period pain, headache, fever, respiratory depression, toothache and other conditions.
Don’t miss out on the introductory price, Buy Spasmend Now!

27 July 2017: New Syndol pack sizes - Same Quantity, Price and Product

We are nearing the end of our stockpiled Syndol 100 boxes.

Since the end of last year, the SA manufacturers were forced to produce smaller 10, 18 and 40 tablet dosages causing enormous postal and courier difficulties for our international customers.

Thanks to some great feedback and demand from our loyal customers to keep to the original pack sizes, we have arranged for our stock to be re-packed to the original sizes of 100, 200 and 400 tablets, thus ensuring you still benefit from the familiar pack size and save on bulk purchases.

Please see, Syndol Packaging, for more information.

17 Feb 2017: LOW STOCK WARNING on LENAPAIN 100's

As you know, the pack sizes of one of the most popular pain pills has been reduced.
We stocked up before the event with sufficient stock of Lenapain 100's but are likely run out in the next 30days... so order 100's while you can


This is a reminder to all our customers that the courier sale is ending at midnight tonight.

17 Oct 2016: ORIGINAL SYNDOL 100's vs NEW 40'S

There has been some uncertainty on the availability of the Original Syndol 100 pack sizes from South Africa, and the introduction of a smaller 40 tablet pack. The manufacturers already confirmed that they were forced to stop production. The good news however is that we have secured sufficient quantities and will be offering the Syndol 100's, 200's and 400's for the foreseeable future (at the same price) but the stock cannot be replaced. We also foresee an imminent manufacturer price increase so please treat this announcement as an Early Warning to stock up while you can.


As of the 15th August 2016, we sadly have to implement a small price increase on certain product ranges. This will be the first price increase in over 3 years, but we unfortunately have to react to the rising cost of stock and current exchange rates. However, as a thank you to all our many loyal customers, we will keep the current Courier pricing for at least the next 2 months.


A huge thank you to all our customers that took advantage of the courier special. As all good things this to had to come to an end.

12 July 2016: 50% OFF COURIER SHIPPING

For ther next 2 weeks (starting 12 July until 26 July) we are offering 50% off on Courier Shipping! The more you buy the more you save on shipping!

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